What is your Truth Story?

There are many ego stories in my life...perfectionism, control, productivity, victim mentality, comtempt/resentment… These stories also known as my character defects (to use my recovery language) helped me survive growing up in my dysfunctional home. In times of extreme stress or major life changes, I can so easily revert back to these ego stories. They can show up in full force through my body physically via back/shoulder pain and tension, getting sick, trouble sleeping and an overall heaviness in my body. My Truth Stories are what I spend my time seeking out. They show up when I am operating in my recovery through the opposite of these ego stories. My perfectionism opposite is my 'it is ok to make mistakes, Bethie’ mantra. My control opposite is my practice of 'letting go and accepting what is.' My productivity opposite is taking 'rest and times of doing nothing.' My victim opposite is 'taking ownership' by using “I“ statements and focusing on changing myself rather than controling others. My contempt/resentment opposite is practicing 'using my gratitude.' My Truth Story shows up in my body through a clear mind, a peaceful and calm motivation and physically little to no muscle tension and overall more energy. I see it in my face too when I look in the mirror. My faces glows and has a certain warmth to it, red healthy cheeks. When I operate in my ego story, I have a darkness to my face and a frown. When I am in My Truth Story, life flows well and serenely. I am at ease and not striving. What story are you in? What story do you want to be in?

Thanks for reading!

Until the next story…Bethie