Priorities: Saying No when I want to say Yes

It is that time of year again, my annual Women’s Leadership Retreat at Onsite Workshops and OH how I wanted to be there. I get to work on myself, see my friends and like the name…retreat! In addition, there is a sweat lodge ceremony, a campfire, and GREAT eats!

But this year I had to say no. It was hard. I cried tears. I so badly wanted to be there. My will wanted to be there yet deep down I knew it would be too soon to be away from my newly born son.

In our lives, we go through seasons and times where we may really want to do something, but to do it would cause more angst, stress, and worry than to not do it. This was true for me this year for the retreat. I’ve been spending time getting clear on my current priorities. My priority this year was to stay at home with my son and continue his nursing and feeding schedule. He needs me during this foundational time. Sometimes our no is permanent and sometimes it is only for a season. I do hope to return to my annual retreat next year as it is so good for my soul! However, I knew this time the pain of going and being away from my two month old son was greater than the pain of not going. This is often when change happens in our lives… when the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

This was a hard change for me this year in not attending, but I knew I had to be at home with my son AND OH He is so more than worth it!

How about you? When did Wisdom tell you to say no when your plan was yes?

Until next time…Bethie