Safety: Why we need it...

As I did a search for safety among the photos on Unsplash, the life saver pictures kept coming up like this one above. I thought, “Hey, there has to be a lesson here!” And there is one: feeling safe is a life saver. Safety literally SAVES our VERY LIFE! Think about it. If we are in physical danger of any kind, our very lives are on the line…a matter of life and death. Emotional danger can mean the life or death of a relationship.

What is safety? What does safety look like for you emotionally, mentally, and physically? We all need it. Without it, we get stuck. We can go into fight, flight, or freeze. Safety allows us to get to our higher level of needs such as love & belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization (according to Maslow’s hierarchy). If we don’t feel safe, we cannot do deeper therapeutic work in our lives. If we are constantly trying to survive, we cannot go within to find out who we really are and what our boundaries and limits need to be in life.

Do you feel safe? Are you just surviving?

Is it time to find a safe place to process your pain? Is it time to save your own life?

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