I stopped writing...

I stopped writing…because I did not feel safe.

I stopped creating because I did not feel safe.

I stopped playing the music because I did not feel safe.

I stopped BEING ME…because I did not feel safe.

This is the story of my life. I stop being who I truly am when I feel unsafe. It started in childhood for me.

Lately, I have felt unsafe again. It is a basic, foundational need. I don’t have it. I want it so badly. I want safety physically, emotionally, and mentally…IN EVERY WAY possible, but I don’t have it right now.

I have to create it for myself. I have to reparent myself. I have to create my own safe container. I can trust myself again…NO MATTER what has happened. I can trust my gut.

I will find the light, the JOY, the SAFETY. I can and I will create my own safety, my own safe place. I will find me again.

What holds you back from being YOU?

Until the next story…Bethie