How My Minimalism Journey Began... Part 1

Part 1: My Childhood

Over the last few years, I have become more interested in MINIMALISM.

Honestly, I think my desire to live in such a state of simplicity has been around since my childhood years. As I think back to that time, I always had a tendency toward de-cluttering. I can remember cleaning out our kitchen junk drawer growing up and organizing it AND my parents never asked me to do this. I did it of my own free will. I loved it and noticed that I always felt lighter afterwards. I kept my room pretty organized too growing up. My childhood bedroom was a place of safety and comfort, so it makes sense to me that I kept it so orderly. I believe that the de-cluttering and organizing became like a coping skill for me.

I even remember my mom having little trinkets and nick-nacks around the house like in window seals and wondering, “Why do we have these?”

By practicing minimalism, I have found peace, clarity, focus, and ease in my life. I am finding that I can stay more present with my family and that I am freed up to use my creativity in fun, new ways. Whereas the more clutter I have, the more stress I have and the less I can concentrate on my priorities. I even find now that when I enter into a space that has a lot of stuff that I start feeling immediately overwhelmed almost as if I can’t breathe. It makes me want to run outside for air.

What are your thoughts on minimalism?

Until Part 2….Bethie