Addicted to TV

Addicted to TV.

I have found myself lately watching way more TV than usual. I have discovered Netflix and have had cable TV for 12 years since I was married.

Before I got married, I never had cable television. Where ever I lived I always had TV but just had a few basic ‘bunny ear’ channels. which was about 5 stations total. Growing up, my parents never wanted to pay for television and I HATED that as a teenager. I would long to visit my grandparents house because on both sides of my family they had cable. My friends also had cable, so I would get an occasional cable fix when I visited my friends houses.

I never knew and still don’t know why we did not have cable TV growing up. It made no sense to me back then. But now as an adult, I really appreciate the simplicity of those 5 stations. With so many choices on TV now, I feel overwhelmed and like I must watch most everything I can…Fuller House…Tidying Up with Marie Kondo…Queer Eye…The Crown…Counting On (the Duggars)…and the list goes on. And so I am caught up in my TV addiction.

However, I am aware. I have not had much fun lately staying close to home with my 3 month old son, so it could be that this is my way of having fun right now. It could be that there are some feelings I am not dealing with and I am escaping through the TUBE. Whatever my reason, I am aware that this is becoming a medicator for me. What I do with it…well…I will have to keep you posted. I am not sure yet.

What are you medicating with lately? What is it that you are avoiding dealing with? Know that you are not alone.

Until the next time…Bethie