How My Minimalism Journey Began... Part 3

Part 3: Current Times

Shortly after our foster children left in March 2017, I came across a Facebook post about a TOY DETOX online course given by Denaye Barahona of Simple Families. I knew we were getting ready to move soon and the toys were taking over our current house. I NEEDED this course and took it. It was LIFE CHANGING! I felt lighter. My daughter began to focus better on the fewer toys she had and was able to start flourishing in her creativity. It felt like I was on to something here.

After the toy detox, I decided to continue to clean out items around the house. I was motivated from the toy detox and the fact that we were moving. We had a yard sale and sold several items we no longer needed as well as those toys. Whatever remained went to the thrift store donation. Again, I felt lighter. I could breathe better. I felt free.

Then, about a year ago, I came across The Minimalists and heard about their back story on becoming minimalists. I was hooked! I watched their documentary and read their book, Everything That Remains. My motivation to de-clutter continued.

And now, after the birth of my second child, I am here again continuing to remove the excess. Less truly is more for me. I am realizing that all the gadgets I had with my first child (i.e. a swing, a crib bumper, a formal changing table, toys galore) I don’t need with my son. In fact, he is growing so fast that he only wears a few clothes and then he is onto the next size, so he doesn’t even need a lot of clothes.

Over these last few months, I came back around to Denaye’s work from an email she sent describing exactly how I currently felt: OVERWHELMED as a parent. I decided to take her week long Mental Unload online course this time. It helped me get really centered and clear about my priorities. She is teaching me about simplicity in parenting and how to de-clutter my mind so I can focus on those priorities.

So my minimalism journey continues. My husband and I hope to de-clutter our debt in the years to come so that we can live debt free and teach that to our children. I will continue to de-clutter whatever I need to in order to put my self-care, my marriage, my parenting, and my family first. I am tired of the stuff and the anxiety and depression that come with it. I am also tired of allowing the stuff to cover up whatever emotional challenges I might have going on underneath.

Are you tired of your stuff? What is your CLUTTER covering up underneath?

Until Part 4…Bethie