Lessons from My 6 Year Old Daughter...


Six years, almost seven. Where has the time gone!? EEEKKKKK!

Just like my 2-month old son, my daughter Remy has also taught me many lessons in her 6 years. I am realizing that my children are some of the most influential teachers in my everyday life. Here I am thinking that I am supposed to be teaching them and yet I feel like they teach me so much more! They make me want to be the best version of myself that I can be. They motivate me to be so much more. I cry often when I think about how much my kids have impacted me and how much they mean to me. They are both truly precious gifts and my little miracles. I hope to steward them well as they grow.

I believe the most profound lesson I have learned from both of my children is just how precious OUR VERY LIVES are. Life in and of itself is miraculous. Every human body that is alive…it just took so many biological, physical, emotional, and spiritual processes for us to be here on this planet earth. All the joining together of things bigger than myself to create breath and life. It is really a miracle that any of us are here. My kids help me not to take life for granted.

So here I go…a list of things my daughter has taught me.

  • That creativity first thing in the morning is important and starts the day off right. Creativity is fun and peaceful.

  • That life is best lived in the present moment.

  • That dancing in the rain is more than ok, it is extremely FUN.

  • That, in fact, FUN is a daily goal. Have as much of it as possible.

  • That taking a break from the routine or that schedule is ok. Sometimes we just need a break.

  • That it is ok to follow your gut when it tells you to take a rest period from that fun activity.

  • That sometimes we all need a day off of school and work.

  • That being your true self is all that really matters.

Remy is full of joy, light, and laughter. I love her dearly! By parenting Remy, I am learning to reparent myself like I needed to be parented. I am giving her what I needed..freedom to create…fun…grace…mercy…patience…calmness…and permission to make mistakes along the way. She teaches me to know my own inner child all the more.

My daughter’s name, Remy, is a shortened version of the word, Remedy. She has truly been a Remedy for me.

What have your children taught you lately?

Until the next story…Bethie (who by the way is the name of my Inner Child)